Knack Writer Profiles: Eleanor Malbon and Nikki Mikhailovich

Ellie and Nikki are Canberrans who ride their bikes around; sometimes in the Brindabella's and sometimes around whole countries like Estonia. Ellie writes performance poetry and stories. Over the last year her work has been featured at the You Are Here festival, CRACK Theatre festival, BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!, Bloody Lips and various happenings around Canberra. Nikki documents his travels through found objects and photographs, and has just started to record his adventures online. Their internet homes are

Photo: Adam Thomas

Why do you write?
For Knack we're trying something new for us; we're collaborating on a writing project. We decided to write together because Nikki likes to suggest topics for poems for Ellie to write, and this project gives him a chance to get in on the action. When we ride long distances together our experiences can mirror each other, or sometimes be drastically different, and we’re interested to see how this will play out when we collaborate on a story.

How would you describe your work?
(Ellie) My poetry has been narrative based for the last few years. I like to write stories about people. When I consider all the characters that I’ve written I see that they’re all facing a decision about whether to ‘push back’ on the situation they’ve been thrown into and try to change it, or try to accept it. My last major piece of work was called Eucapocalypts Now, co-written with Aaron Kirby, and it was about the human experience in a radically climate changed Australia.

What are you looking forward to in 2015? 
Winding back from an officebased lifestyle and watching the seasons change in our Pialligo allotment garden. Also, we’re building a new bike for Ellie and it’s called an ‘Inbred’.