Knack Editor Profile: Reuben Ingall

Reuben Ingall makes art with computers, mostly music, from iteratively-mangled guitar-scapes, to absurd dancefloor mashups, to scores for dance and film.

You can follow him on the below links:

What do you like about editing?
I guess I’m not an editor in the formal sense. I’ll be recording and producing the short-story audio component. I expect it’ll be a bit like recording and producing a band - the writers are the creators of the art, but I’ll get to help realise it and shape the final result. And that’s what I love about it: I get to participate in the making of art after the hardest part has been done!

How would you describe your work?
Most often I’m a music-maker but I’ve enjoyed working with audio in a variety of different kinds of projects. My work seems to take turns focussing on texture, duration, space and process. 

What's your party trick?
um… air-horn sound effects. 

What are you looking forward to in 2015?
Foremost in my mind is the impending release of the limited edition Cadbury+Vegemite chocolate block (for real), but I’m also releasing a new album and taking a holiday in Japan.