Knack Writer Profile: Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris’s first novel, Round and Round, was highly commended and shortlisted for the 2014 ACT Writing and Publishing Fiction Award, and a quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition.  He won the 2005 A.C.T. Writers Centre Young & Emerging Writer Mentorship with Jackie French, who taught him everything he knows about writing (and everything he didn’t know about writing.)  Jordan wrote the sold-out Noir Revue for the Spiegeltent in the Old Parliament House rose gardens for Canberra’s Centenary, and rewrote it for its 2013 Australian tour.  In 2015, Jordan was a featured artist in Canberra’s inaugural Noted writing festival, for which he was a live literary game-show panellist, and wrote a third of a novel on Twitter.  In a previous life Jordan ran a boutique hotel for writers and artists.  He hopes that in at least one other past life he was a dinosaur.  Jordan’s next novella, Revolution’s Eve, will be out this year.

Why do you write?
To paraphrase Frank Norris, I don’t so much love writing as I love having written.  No one else could (or would) tell these stories, and I’ve got to write to get them out of my head.  Then I need to polish the words until they’re in their Platonically ideal form.  Once everything’s right, I feel like a detuned guitar string with all the tension released.  And then I have to write the next thing.

How would you describe your work?
I write about the mythic nature of what we consider to be mundane (and often suburban) life.  Even if you’re the least-privileged person reading my words, you still got to be human and literate and have access to 21st Century technology and books.  We all won the universal lottery, and our lives are incredible, even when we feel they’re at their worst.  Most of my writing is targeted at young adults and new adults, but is equally apposite for old adults.

What’s your party trick?
Give me a party popper or a lit candle, and I’ll show you. 

What are you looking forward to in 2015?
Living a magically real poetic philosophical romantic comedy coming-of-age fairytale.