Submissions open: Show + Tell

Remember the first bike your parents gave you? It was red. You rode it around the neighbourhood block every day after school until you wore out the back tyre.

Or what about those denim jeans you were wearing when you found out your grandma died?

And what’s that jar sitting on your windowsill? You know, the one with the ‘do not touch’ sign scrawled in blue texta.

Objects. They all have a story or another. Why do we hold on to some things more than others? Why do some things have any uncanny ability to teleport us back to a particular moment in time?

What’s your story?

Show + Tell is a blog series, examining objects and identity. We want your stories (fiction or non-fiction). They can be funny. Or serious. Or funny-serious.


Please e-mail with your name and a brief pitch for your proposed piece (a short paragraph will do).

If we like the look of your idea, we’ll ask you to write a 500 word story and publish it on our website ( as part of rip publishing’s Show + Tell blog series.

All writers will be paid $20.

PITCHES DUE 29th AUGUST (remember, it's just a pitch so you can keep it brief) 



E-mail Yas, Farz or Adam at or reach us on Facebook (rip publishing) or Twitter (@rippublishing) or Instagram (yadda yadda you know our name by now).