East Row Museum, 18 - 22 March 2015

This event was part of the You Are Here festival.  All images can be clicked on to enlarge. 

What kinds of objects are brought together when we give curatorial discretion free rein? What happens when fiction becomes part of the way we document history? How can collections be used as a tool for storytelling? Welcome to the East Row Museum: a space for the untold, untrue and unbelievable.

Audiences enjoyed a complimentary audio tour around the Museum, as they viewed collections presented by more than 17 local artists and curators – from half-remembered mementos of motherhood to objects salvaged from time travel to a forgotten 90s sludge pop band.

They could then add their own stories to exhibits in the collection while they visited.

Curators include: Hannah Bath and Chris Carmody; Vanessa Berry; The Sculptural Collective: Tom Buckland, Corri Hakaraia, Janet Ranken, Rebecca Selleck and Sian Watson; Lucy Caldwelll; Oscar Capezio and Naomi Xeros; Chiara Grassia; Peter Jones and Susan Taylor;  Zid Mancenido; Frances Staden; and Ellen Wignell.

Project directed and developed by: Yasmin Masri

Exhibition Design: Julia Johnson

Audio tour: Farz Edraki


Images to the left: Stills from the East Row Museum exhibition space at You Are Here. 
Images below: Audience descriptions for a phone in the East Row Museum