Reflections (Lin Richardson, [Still life with flowers], date unknown, digital scan from colour transparency)

By CJ Bowerbird


at the window cold

on my cheek the cat's

muggy nuzzle recalls

my face from the wraith

of my last breath

into the living room

where the perfume

of flowers slaps me

reminds me


                   why did I seek

this posy, array these flowers

place them in a glossy

new vase beside this pane

of glass


                    this still life

an arrangement of pieces

to be shattered


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CJ Bowerbird explores what it is to be human, writing about things we have lost, things we never had and things that are slipping through our fingers. Most recently featuring at Woodford Folk Festival, CJ has performed across Australia, China, Indonesia and the US. He was the 2012 Australian Poetry Slam Champion and hosts Bloody Lips – Words of Passion, Spoken and Sung in Canberra.