rip publishing presents Knack, a collection of fourteen stories and do-it-yourself guides ranging from the most practical (how to cook perfect pancakes) to the most ethereal and introspective (how to check your privilege). Each guide is accompanied by a short story in audio form. The stories have been recorded as podcasts and collated, along with the DIY guides, into an e-book distributed on custom USBs. You can grab a copy here. 

This project is supported by ArtsACT Project Funding.



Emily Allen
Hugo Branley
Lee Constable
Jemimah Cooper
Alix Foley
Kathryn Ford
Tracey Hawkins
Ellie Malbon and Nikki Mikhailovich
Zid Mancenido
Allison Morris
Jordan Morris
Camilla Patini
Indigo Trail
Niki van Buuren


Reuben Ingall (audio)
Hannah Purdy (writing)


Project Development

Farz Edraki
Yasmin Masri