Hello! We are rip publishing. No, not rip as in rest in peace, but as in to tear or pull. We're a Canberra-based, independent publisher with a focus on producing participatory and collaborative content. We enable cross-disciplinary emerging creativity and community story sharing. 


Farz Edraki is a co-founder and Director of rip. Farz is a radio producer at 666 ABC, works as a freelance writer and editor 'round the traps. You can find her sporadic tweets at @FarzEdraki 


Adam Ridwan is rip's Social Media Manager. He's a graduate of Psychology/Arts at ANU, freelance writer and skilled in all-things-interwebs. Check out his website at bulbous.net and his off-beat tweets @adamridwan.

Yasmin Masri is a co-founder and Creative Director of rip. She works between art, design, curatorship and festival production. See some of the stuff she makes here.


Zoya Patel is rip's Jumble Editor. Zoya is an editor, writer and communications professional. She is the editor and director of Feminartsy, and dips her toes in numerous other projects. Follow her @zoyajpatel